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Honestly, this name was not as meditated as the idea. The idea? Creating a handcrafted transportation service that makes you feel cared. A clean, comfortable and safe car is ok. But we want to go a lot further. We do not want to offer a car with a driver, we rather offer a host with a car.

We want to be the ones who look after you, who can understand what you want and show you the suitable options to make the most out of your trip.

Your Hosts at Iguazú

Leonardo Wolf

My name is Leonardo. I was born in Berisso, Buenos Aires Province and I arrived in Iguazú in 2000. The job I had back then would make me travel all around the northern region of Argentina. But I finally decided to stay here, to change my job and to put down roots.

That is how I began working in Tourism, since it is one of the main activities in the area. Even though I had had some experience when I was younger, nothing can be compared with what I have learned here.

Among many other things, I have learnt and improved my communication in some foreign languages: English, French and Portuguese. I have found in the nature some of my hobbies: birdwatching and photography. And above all, I have learnt to enjoy the so many beautiful things that this place offers.

Today, I am focused in this venture, despite I am no longer that young and the fact that current circumstances are a bit harder for this activity. But it does not stop me! Because I love what I do and I am very eager to get things well done.

Omar Benítez

I am Omar. I was born in lovely town in the Province of Misiones, called Montecarlo, which is famous for the orchids being grown over there. My father used to work as woodcutter in the forest. I was a kid when I loved to join him, specially those times when we would camp overnight, far away from any human being, in an intimate contact with nature. That is how I learned all I know about flora and fauna.

As a grown up, I moved to Iguazú and pretty soon I could get a job at the Iguazu National Park. Here, I have been able to implement all I had learnt in my childhood, and also I have been able to train myself in customer service and to learn English and Portuguese.

All that I had experienced, as well as my knowledge about Misiones and its secrets, make it possible for me to offer non conventional services. All that I learned from my father is what I now enjoy with my children.

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